Things To Do in Karakoy Istanbul

Things To Do in Karakoy Istanbul

Things To Do in Karakoy Istanbul

Things To Do in Karakoy Istanbul

Karakoy is one of the most attractive areas in Istanbul, reflecting the Ottoman Empire's cosmopolitan structure. The cultural heritage of Istanbul Karakoy Neighborhood allows visitors to experience Istanbul's diversified business life throughout its history. For many years, the Ottomans lived in the Old City. The Ottomans began to settle on the other side of the Golden Horn, in what are now the Beyoglu and Besiktas areas, after Sultan Mahmud II. 

During this time, the first residences of the famed Yildiz Palace were also constructed. After Yildiz Palace, other palaces such as Dolmabahce Palace and Ciragan Palace were created. Following the Padishah's arrival in Modern Istanbul, the already burgeoning number of movements and cultural activities achieved a pinnacle. 

Karakoy's Arab Mosque 

You'll find Karakoy Hurdacilar Carsisi (Scrap Shops) if you walk down Banks Street immediately next to Salt Galata. To go to Arap Mosque, all you have to do is travel through Hurdacilar Carsisi. If you locate Galata Mahkemesi Street and enter, you will be greeted by one of the top restaurants in the city, Mahkeme Restaurant. Arap Mosque, which resembles an Italian edifice, may be found after a short walk. Of course, there's a reason why Arap Mosque looks like churches from the Middle Ages in Italy. In the district of Karakoy, Italians and French Levantines built a church. As a result, this church exemplifies the Western European identity. After the conquest of Istanbul, it was turned into a mosque. 

Banks Street in Karakoy 

During the Byzantine era, Karakoy was an important section of the harbor city of Constantinople. One side of the well-known chain that kept enemy ships out of the city. Because there was no bridge connecting the city to the Golden Horn during the Byzantine era, Karakoy appeared to be on the outskirts of the city. As a result, it was given the name "Pera," which means "the other" in Greek. Because a Venetian nobleman (Alvise Gritti), who had close links with the Palace, lived here, the term Pera developed into Beyoglu. From history texts, we all know about the Venetian and Genoese trade colonies that flourished during the Byzantine Empire. These European traders were involved in the city's trade and had a significant presence in the Karakoy-Galata areas. 

Mosque of Kilic Ali Pasha 

It is a beautiful mosque erected in the 16th century in Admiral Kilic Ali Pasha's honor. Ali Pasha, an Italian by birth, rose to become one of the Ottoman Empire's most powerful admirals after displaying heroism and victory in battles. He was given the moniker "Kilic," which means "sword" in Turkish. Kilic Ali Pasha gained such clout that he had Sinan the Architect construct a mosque in his honor. The great admiral was a huge enthusiast of Hagia Sophia's architecture and commissioned Sinan the Architect to construct a mosque in the style of Hagia Sophia and the symbol of Tophane, Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque. 

Tophane Cesmesi, which is located near to Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque, and the recently rebuilt Kilic Ali Pasa Turkish Bath are both worth visiting in Karakoy. Visiting this bath is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable activities in Karakoy. 

Mahkeme Restaurant

On the Golden Horn side of Karakoy with Galata Tower, Mahkeme Lokantasi is located on a side street that runs parallel to the main road. It's located on Mahkeme Sokak and is widely recognized as one of the greatest restaurants in the area, catering primarily to craftspeople. On the way to Arap Mosque, take Hurdacilar Carsisi to get to the restaurant. Because to the makeover, it is now a stunning and ultra-modern restaurant. You can also stroll from Karakoy Banks Street to the restaurant. Remember to eat well before visiting Istanbul's best historical sites and streets, such as Istiklal Street!

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