Learn English in Istanbul

Learn English in Istanbul

Learn English in Istanbul

English is the most widely spoken language where learning it opens up many opportunities for you whether to get a University seat or a prestigious job. Large companies are always looking for people who speak languages to recruit them within their cadres and staff.

In this article, we will talk about the best English language learning centers in Istanbul and the most famous English language education centers.


ABC Horizon Academy is one of the best language learning institutes in Istanbul. The idea of ​​the center is to obtain international accreditation and transfer it to foreign students who do not speak English in Istanbul.

The center offers many ınternatıonal englısh courses such as TOFEL, IELTS, and SAT. The institute also provides an accredited certificate from EDEXCEL, UK. Its programs include:

• Placement test: The institute assesses the student’s needs and assesses the student’s skills through a personal interview as well.

• TOEFL / IELTS: The institute qualifies you to obtain the TOEFL certificate, and the course is repeated for free in the event that the student does not pass the exam.

• SAT: where the student is prepared to pass the SAT university entrance examination

The institute also offers specialized courses for companies and businessmen. In addition to specialized courses for the oil and gas sector, banks and banks, commercial correspondence. It also offers interactive courses for adolescents and courses to strengthen conversation in English.

Institute address: Akşemsettin, No :, Akdeniz Cd. No: 107, 34080 Fatih / İstanbul, Türkiye


The British Council is the world's leading provider of English language education in Istanbul, providing you with a valuable learning experience. The British Council provides many advantages for people wishing to sit for accredited English language examinations, due to its long experience in this field. With it, you can prepare for IELTS and IGCSE / INTERNATIONAL GCSE exams. APTİS English Language Assessment Test, Cambridge English Language Examinations. Its programs:

• Teaching time with Timmy aims to teach children ages (4-5)

• English for kids and teens

• English for adults - beginners

• English for university students

• English language courses for companies

• Summer courses to learn English for kids

It also allows learning English for free online as there is a wide range of free electronic resources available on the British Council website to help adults, youth and children learn English. Resources include videos and mobile applications, games, stories, listening activities, and grammar rules. Many more.

Address: Esentepe, Maya Akar Center, Büyükdere Cd. No 102, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul, Türkiye

Cambridge Academy

The Cambridge Institute is one of the best English language institutes in Istanbul and is affiliated with the University of Cambridge, the second oldest university in the English-speaking world. The courses are taught by native English speakers and experienced teachers.

Cambridge Academy offers all levels from beginner to advanced, in addition to preparation for IELTS and TOEFL exams, teaching English for children and specialized courses in several areas including medicine, engineering and Business Administration.

The institute also offers intensive courses and many recreational activities that support the conversation

Address: Fulya, No:42-46 K:6, the Büyükdere Cd., 34394 Şişli/İstanbul, Türkiye


The ISO Quality Award-winning Institute is the only institution that offers excellent quality programs according to EU standards. The center offers many educational programs for the English language, the most important of which are:

• English Language Lab: which develops speaking and comprehension skills through interactive listening and chanting courses on the computer.

• Confrontation classes: The Wall Street Institute, which is one of the most important English language learning centers in Istanbul, offers guided classes, which are taught by professors from foreign countries with a maximum of four students. Through these lessons, the professor helps students practice the language effectively.

• Student Book: Before the confrontation lessons, the student performs additional exercises linked to interactive lessons to reinforce and confirm what he has learned from vocabulary and conversation techniques.

• Conversation classes: these are classes for a group of a maximum of 5-8 students to develop conversational skills. The professor presents a general topic to students at the same level of study to motivate them to discuss in English.

• Social clubs are forums for social activities in which students practice different types of activities in a fun atmosphere dominated by the use of the English language.

Wall Street Center has multiple branches in Istanbul, and it is located in şişli- Bakırköy Erenköy- Taksim - Beylikdüzü – Caddebostan.

There are certainly many English language institutes in Istanbul, most of which are highly professional, but certainly, not all of them can be covered in one article. For more details about education and study in Turkey, we recommend that you check out some useful articles on this topic here and here.

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