Legends of Istanbul

Legends of Istanbul

Legends of Istanbul

Legends of Istanbul

How about learning the legends of Istanbul? Istanbul has a deep historical past and a deep-rooted culture that feeds on a wide variety of sources. Almost every historical event, every hero, every architectural structure that took place in the history of Istanbul, which was the capital of great civilizations and left deep traces in the lives of people, has been the subject of the legends of this city. It is engraved in the social memory through legends. Hence a rare "treasure of legends" has emerged.

City of Fairies: Istanbul

According to the legend, it is believed that in the days before man was created, fairies who had the same social lifestyle as today's humans lived in the world. It is said that one of the sons of the fairy fell in love with a girl. It is said that the father of the girl set the condition to "build a beautiful palace for her in the most beautiful place in the world" in return for this union.

It is rumored that the boy's father traveled the whole world by consenting to this condition, and after traveling the whole world, deciding that the most beautiful place in the world is the region where Istanbul is located, he built a very beautiful palace here.

The girl's father liked both the palace and the place she was in and gave her daughter so the young fairies got married. According to the belief, it is said that the palace was founded in Istanbul's Bosphorus, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Legend of Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia Mosque, one of the most important monuments in Istanbul. It holds an important place in the art world with its architecture, splendor, and size. It attracts a lot of attention with its legend. According to legend, the Byzantine emperor Justinian invites the most famous architects to Istanbul to build Hagia Sophia, but the emperor does not like the sketches made by the architects.

On one of the nights when he fell asleep sadly and desperately, he sees an old man was building the church in his dream. On the slab in the hand of this old man, there is a drawing of the exact church the imperator wanted to build. Moreover, the old man tells the emperor to name the church after Hagia Sophia, and when the emperor wakes up, he gives this drawing to the architects.

Legend of the Maiden's Tower

There is a sad legend of the Maiden's Tower, which is connected to the Üsküdar district. According to legend, one Byzantine king is said to be killed his daughter by oracles by a snake when his beloved daughter reaches the age of eighteen. The king, who wants to protect his daughter, whom he loves more than anything, built the tower in the middle of the sea and placed his daughter here.

Being away from his daughter hurts him, but he puts up with it for his daughter's safety. But when the girl turns eighteen, prophecy comes true, and a snake emerges from the grape basket among the food sent to the tower, poisoning the princess, causing her death.

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