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Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

How Can Foreigners Benefit From Pharmacy Services?

Turkey is a highly developed country in terms of health services. Various arrangements have been made for foreigners to benefit from these services in Turkey, which comes to the fore with specialist doctors and medical staff cadres, easily accessible health services and technology-integrated treatment methods.

In order to benefit from public hospitals, University Hospitals or private hospitals in Turkey, it is necessary to be covered by general health insurance or private insurance. Through general health insurance and private insurance, health services are either not charged or a symbolic fee is paid.

When it comes to pharmacy services it is also necessary to address the concept of insurance again. Because general health insurance and private insurance cover many pharmacy shopping. The insurer is not required to pay for many drugs.

People who do not have any insurance have to pay for the medicine themselves, regardless of nationality. It is unsustainable for citizens to constantly pay for expensive medicines from their own pocket unless they have health insurance.

How Do Pharmacies Work In Turkey?
In Turkey, unlike America and some European countries, only pharmacies provide the drug service. Pharmacy services, which are regulated by special regulations, are very effective and common in our country. The main reason for this can be cited in the law as the phrase a pharmacy should fall to 3500 people. For this reason, depending on the population density in Turkey, pharmacies are easily accessible in every residential area.

The license to open a pharmacy in Turkey is only granted to graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy. That's why when you go to a pharmacy, you come across people who are experts.

Do Insurance Services Cover Drug Purchase?
By law, insured persons in Turkey do not have to pay fees to benefit from drugs in pharmacies. But some drugs are not covered by insurance. In order to receive these drugs, payment must be made without the distinction of insured or uninsured.

However, non-prescription drugs such as painkillers and fever lowering are not covered by insurance. However, it is worth noting that these drugs are very low and easily affordable.

What Hours Do Drugstores Serve?
In Turkey, the working hours of pharmacies are as follows on weekdays and weekends.

Weekdays: Opening: 8:30am Closing: 7:00pm
Saturday : Opening: 9:30am Closing: 7:00pm

People who want to take advantage of pharmacy services outside these hour intervals and on Sunday should contact the pharmacies that are available 24 hours a day. In the province where you live, you can check the pharmacies that were serving as on-duty drugstores on the internet at that time.

How Can Foreign People Benefit From Pharmacies?
The majority of drugs sold in pharmacies are free of charge to people with general health insurance or private insurance. This is because the state or insurance company meets the cost of these people's medicines.

For this reason, foreign people must be insured in order to benefit from pharmacy services free of charge. For this purpose, foreign people must have either public health insurance provided by the state or private insurance provided by private insurance companies.

What Do You Need To Do To Benefit From General Health Insurance?
From general health insurance and hence pharmacy services;

Foreigners who have obtained a residence permit in Turkey,
Foreigners without insurance in a foreign country,
Foreign nationals living in Turkey for more than a year and applying after this period can benefit from general health insurance.

In order to apply for general health insurance, foreign nationals wishing to benefit from pharmacy services in Turkey must apply to the nearest Social Security Center in person.

The applicant must submit the following documents to the Social Security Center:

Residence permit;
The original or photocopy of the article showing the social security situation in terms of general health insurance application taken from the Social Security Institution or work Attach of the foreign country concerned, Commitment form

What Do You Need To Do To Benefit From Private Health Insurance?
First of all, in order to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, it is necessary to have private insurance. Foreigners who wish to stay in Turkey longer than 90 days or longer than the period recognized by the visa exemption must have private health insurance from the insurance companies operating in Turkey in order to obtain a residence permit.

In other words, foreign nationals who have a residence permit in Turkey can also benefit directly from pharmacy services as they have to have private health insurance.
However, those who want to be covered by general health insurance by canceling private health insurance can also benefit from pharmacies as a general health insurance holder by following the steps of applying for general health insurance.

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