Istanbul Must Visit Cafes

Istanbul Must Visit Cafes

Istanbul Must Visit Cafes

Istanbul Must Visit Cafes

Zencefil (Ginger) Cafe

This place is actually a vegetarian restaurant but with its comfortable environment, it gives a cafe atmosphere to the frequent visitors. Zencefil Cafe is located in Kadikoy. Its affordable prices make everyone love this place more. It gets very crowded especially at times of film festivals. Its stone walls, glass ceiling, and small garden opened in summer always make this place unique. Whatever you eat at Zencefil Cafe, don't forget to ask for a vegetable salad with it. They make this salad very delicious.

Ara Café 

This cafe is located next to Galatasaray High School, just behind Yapı Kredi Cultural Center. It has a warm atmosphere with its colored glass door, wooden tables, and authentic accessories. There is a brunch between 10.30 -14.00 on Sundays. The Ara Café’s menu is full of flavors from the Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine such as Balkan meatballs, sirloin steak, and crumbling kebab.

 Harvard Cafe

Harvard, which is one of the most beautiful cafes in Etiler, is an ideal place for all seasons. Its garden is very pleasant and lovely, especially in summer. You can get away from the noise and movement in the daytime and enjoy this large garden. A very large menu is offered at Harvard Cafe. Café de Paris, Potato Skin, Chinese spring rolls with vegetables, Filet Mignon Boeuf Stroganoff, and tenderloin are famous here. Also, you can eat chocolate soufflé as a dessert.  

Ops Cafe

It is located in Karakoy and it is one of Karakoy’s new favorites. It is an enjoyable choice for any hour of the day. This cafe is famous for Albanian breakfast. In addition to the Albanian breakfast, its menu includes salads, wraps, pasta, and desserts. The sugar of homemade lemonade and the sour taste of lemon is just the right scale. The colorful decoration and beautiful music that make you feel like you want to have a coffee with your best friend will make you a regular client of Ops Cafe. 

Passion Cafe

This Passion Cafe reminds us chalets. It is located between Yenikoy, İstinye, and Tarabya. In addition, when you get there, you can go Istinye Park Shopping Center and do shopping. Its fireplace that never goes out in summer and winter, its warm decoration with wood, the rich menu designed by the owner of the place named Elvan, and the delicious desserts created by Elvan are enough to make you a regular client. The flavors that start with traditional international breakfast options are followed by various bar snacks, noodle and pasta varieties, special appetizers, sandwiches, American-style steaks, and extraordinary main dishes. Also, their desserts, especially their cheesecake, taste great. You cannot get enough of eating on the terrace in summer, at tables where you can watch the movement of Yenikoy, and in front of the fireplace burning in cold weather in winter. Weekend breakfast here is highly recommended. The prices here are not like cafes, but in a stylish restaurant like even a bit of its atmosphere.

 Backyard Cafe

With its menus that change every season, Backyard is one of Bebek's favorite places with its healthy and dietary food and beverages, as well as other food options decorated with a gourmet touch. Is on the European side of Istanbul. The garden, which is used in both summer and winter seasons, offers you a unique environment for you to relax and socialize.

Lemon Garden 

The Lemon Garden, located behind the French Palace on the way down from İstiklal Street to Tophane, is a peaceful address for those who want to escape from all the hustle and bustle of the city. This place, which hosts magnolia, rose, pine, lime, jasmine, plum trees as well as lemon trees in its garden, and large and small turtle communities, gives people the chance to breathe.

Let’s get some rest in Istanbul’s amazing cafés!

If you consider come and visit Istanbul, you should go to cafes and experience amazing tastes from meals to dessert with your coffee. When you wander on the street, you can enter one of these cafés and get rest for a while. Before choosing which café you will enter, you can get information through I Am Istanbul. Besides getting information, you can buy something by clicking the shop now part. 

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