10 Most Beautiful Places In Istanbul During The Fall Season!

10 Most Beautiful Places In Istanbul During The Fall Season!

10 Most Beautiful Places In Istanbul During The Fall Season!

We all know that autumn may be boring and a killer of fun, especially as it comes at the end of the year when you see nature has changed its color and the leaves begin to fall from the trees. But this is nothing that may prevent you from enjoying this season, especially if you think of spending a beautiful holiday in the nature of Istanbul. Istanbul, where you will find nature at its best in all seasons, and there are many parks and gardens that will make you happy and optimistic.

In this article, we would like to tell you the most beautiful places to walk in the wonderful city of Istanbul, according to what Turkish newspapers say (meaning the people of the country), and we start with:

Heybeliada / Heybeliada Island

It is located at the far end of the island, the "port of Cham" and on the other side is the port of "Dermanborno". When walking between these two points of amazing landscapes, you will see beautiful wooden houses and pine trees. If we compare the island of Heybeliada to the big island of Buyukada, we will find the island of Heybeliada much quieter and is an ideal place for those who like to walk among the quiet forests.

Freedom Park (Özgürlük Parkı)

This park is one of the largest and most beautiful parks on the Asian side of Istanbul. It is located on a stretch of 120 acres in the Salami Cesme area. It is possible to walk or jog in this park up to a distance of 1.5 km.

Yıldız Park

It was a reserve used by the Ottoman sultans to practice hunting in ancient times. Today, it is located in the form of an oasis in the center of Besiktas, in European Istanbul. If you like walking on the high roads, you can enter from Cheragan Street and proceed to Yildiz Palace. There is a high likelihood that you will encounter squirrels while walking under the trees of the historic district.


Ulupelit is a small village in the scattered region of ile. You can breathe fresh air in this beautiful village surrounded by oak and beech trees. You can also walk on walking paths of various lengths and degrees of difficulty. And if you don't want to be back in town, you can spend the night at Casa Lavanda Butik Hotel.

Fatih Ormanı Forest

If you want to get away from the crowds of Belgrad Forest, you can head to the Fatih Forest, which is located in the south of it. And in this forest of 1500 acres, you can follow the main road to reach deep into the forest. And if you get tired, there are picnic spots you can sit in.

City Forest of Sultangazi Mimar Sinan (Sultangazi Mimar Sinan Kent Ormanı)

This region brings together all shades of green and blue for walking and comfort for Istanbul residents. You can take a walk in the wonderful picturesque nature on the edge of the dark blue lake in the forest. It is also possible to reach this forest, which is located in the Sultan Ghazi area, by municipality buses or with your own car.

Polonezköy village

To take a deep breath away from the city. This park is the best option, where bird songs, green nature, and culture come together in one place. If you like to walk away from the noise of the traffic jams, this charming city is located in the Beykoz district of Istanbul.

Maçka Parkı

This park is a little paradise that runners have saved from extinction. When you go down to the street at 4:30 am you will see the athletes' runners fill the place. It is an area that keeps its air cool all day thanks to the surrounding trees. In her garden, there are areas for walking and jogging by the sea. The jogging spots are ideal for climbing as well. And after the end of the exercises, you can see Istanbul in a new look, and a different view, via the Macka-Bahçeköy cable car that crosses into Taksim.

Atatürk Arboretum

A very large area with many types and shapes of trees and scattered branches and this area is located on the Kemerburgaz-Bahçeköy road line in the Sariyar region. It is Istanbul's secret garden that gives happiness to its visitors, as it gives them the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and witness all shades of green in this rare place. The Ataturk Tree is a living tree museum in every sense of the word.

Gülhane Park

The outer garden of Topkapi Palace was in the Ottoman era, and it contains a reserve and flower garden inside. It is one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul and one of the best options for those who prefer a short walk, and it is located in the city center and the heart of history. If you want to continue walking, you can start at the entrance to the park on Topkapi, walk towards the Sarayburnu exit, and then continue walking the coast. From there it is possible to reach the coast of Eminonu.

If you want to spend a beautiful time in Istanbul and want to see the most beautiful museums and archaeological sites in Istanbul during the fall season, here are some of the following suggestions, read more...

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