Street Pubs in Istanbul

Street Pubs in Istanbul

Street Pubs in Istanbul

Street Pubs in Istanbul

When the sun goes down in Istanbul, do you feel thirsty? As a result of this, there are plenty of venues to go out at night in Istanbul. In Istanbul, you'll discover a variety of districts with a variety of pubs where you may spend the evening, as well as a variety of distinct styles and atmospheres. There is a steady stream of people leaving workplaces on weekdays and a steady stream of residents celebrating on weekends. Instead of listing bars, we decided to list zones to provide you a broader variety that will satisfy everyone. What to do in Istanbul at night: 

Taps Bebek

Because Taps Bebek is the first and only brewery in Turkey, it is really unique. They enjoy here because of the great beer and the view of the Bosphorus. Even though Smoked Lager, Kölsch and Red Ale are some of the most popular beers at Taps, there are many more to pick from! You should come here on a Sunday afternoon when it's not too crowded and make your way through their menu. A drink at one of the city's finest pubs, with a view of the Bosphorus, is a dream come true for anybody. 

Beer Hall

A nice location to meet up after work. On a large table, you may meet new people while having fun. They provide a wide selection of local and imported beers, as well as fast bar cuisine. Hot dogs and burgers are also available. With long oak tables and string lights hanging from the ceiling, the Beer Hall offers a unique atmosphere. The facility can accommodate up to 200 people, although it may become crowded after work hours (6-9pm). If you want to order food or drinks, you'll need to locate a seat first, then search for your preferred beverage (beer is suggested). 

Nublu Istanbul

In Istanbul's fashionable party area, Nublu, founded by renowned Turkish saxophonist Ilhan Ersahin, is the new face of live music. In addition to fusion and jazz, it also offers techno and indie music to the music-loving residents. Nublu Istanbul is Ersahin's sibling club of Nublu New York. Visit Nublu after a nice gourmet meal at one of the numerous new restaurants in Karaköy. As a result, there are many balconies where you may obtain a bird's eye perspective of the stage, despite its small size. 

Indigo Pub

These are the finest drinks in Taksim! Indigo Pub & Cocktails Bar is a well-known and comfortable place to chill out and meet folks before the Indigo Club events in Taksim. Galatasaray's Istiklal Avenue is home to some of the city's finest martini bars. If you enter via the front bar, you'll be tempted to sit at the bar, but if you keep going, the dining room is equally comfortable. There's a tiny, secluded smoking area and a performance space above.

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