Implant Treatment Is Not Scary At All!

Implant Treatment Is Not Scary At All!

Implant Treatment Is Not Scary At All!

Istanbul is a very famous city and known for its historical places, archaeological sites, fascinating landscapes and its delicious food and delights. But that is not the only reason, thanks to its advanced and highly equipped hospital and clinics and its experienced and professional doctors and dentists, Istanbul now is being known as a highly advanced medical care service provider city in the world. Nowadays, Istanbul is a famous city when it comes to the medical tourism sector, where people can come to enjoy its fascinating places and activities and get their medical treatment as well. The reason for that is because most of its clinics and hospitals provide the same high quality and advanced medical service like Europe and the UK but with much cheaper prices, which is advantageous for people who seek the best health care with the most competitive price. 

Every year more than 250k people visit Istanbul for medical tourism purposes and around 40k of them or more come for dental treatment purposes. Most of them choose to have their dental implants in Istanbul because of its experienced dental clinics and dentists, which provide the latest and most advanced Implant treatment technologies with the most competitive prices. The majority of the dental care service providers offer a well-planned ‘’all-inclusive’’ treatment package which includes; Airport pick up and VIP transfers from Airport to the hotel, hotel to clinic and vice-versa, 4 and 5 star hotel accommodation, advanced implant treatment and aftercare programs.  

Dental implants are the best dental solution if you are suffering from a loose or missing tooth. Implants are useful for retaining facial contours and maintaining the consistency of the surrounding teeth.

Although dental implants can be helpful for people who suffer from their teeth, many of them are afraid that they will get a surgical operation that will make them uncomfortable for a long time after. They presume that during and after the surgery there will be a lot of pain. 

Well if you are one of those people, here are some facts that might change your opinion about Dental Implants in Istanbul

  • The surgical procedure is very accurate and Precise. : 

Dental implant surgery involves accurate preparation. The dentist will make sure everything is set out before you start your implant treatment. There will be X-ray scans or CT imaging to make sure the implant goes for its exact needed location. Much more, when you choose to do your implants in Istanbul you will be in safe hands because of its professional and well-experienced dentist that can handle your implant treatment smoothly and painlessly. 

  • The surgery is done under Local Anesthesia : 

As the surgeon will perform the surgery with local anesthesia, you won't have to think about the discomfort and pain of having dental implants. You will be conscious under a local anesthetic, but you will not experience any kind of discomfort. If you do feel too nervous or uncomfortable to perform dental implant surgery, sedative or anti-anxiety can be prescribed by your dentist prior to the start of the operation.

  • Discomfort after the implantation is Minimal : 

Patients with dental implants have limited pain during and after the dental implant surgery, primarily through today's advanced implantation procedures and operating guidelines. The dentist may also recommend over-the-counter medicines such as pain killers if the need to relieve any pain or discomfort occurs.

  • Long Lifespan : 

In comparison to conventional implants, today's dental implants have 95 to 98% higher success rate. Unlike conventional implants, dental implants last a long time and require little care and Their lifetime typically ranges from 25 to 30 years and with good care might last longer.

If you are preparing to fly to Istanbul and searching for a professional dental clinic to get your dental implants or other dental treatment, we would strongly recommend also enjoy the most beautiful city in the world. You may surprise of what city offers for you with its uniqueness, historical atmosphere, delicious food and many more.

And while you are visiting Istanbul do not forget to get some nice photos In front of the Bosphorus channel with your shiny and bright new smile!

As Napoleon Bonaparte once said;

 ‘’If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital!’’

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