Reasons To Choose Istanbul For Obesity Surgery

Reasons To Choose Istanbul For Obesity Surgery

Reasons To Choose Istanbul For Obesity Surgery

Reasons To Choose Istanbul For Obesity Surgery

Obesity is a key health issue when the body weight of a person surpasses a healthy level. The index of body mass is a phrase used to define the weight of a person. The average weight is considered if the BMI does not exceed 25. If the index is more than that level, the person is termed overweight. BMI may be assessed by height and weight of a person. Turkey ranks fourth in the world, contributing to the progression of obesity therapy and treatment methods in the nation in terms of obesity prevalence. There are a number of options for obesity treatment in Istanbul. Obesity may be addressed in two respects: by nutritional changes like food intake and exercise, or by medical procedures to eliminate more weight. Istanbul has some of the best clinics for your surgeries.

Istanbul Obesity Surgery 

Obese individuals have a range of options to overcome their obesity and are determined by fitness, medical history and appropriateness for one treatment over another. The most famous bariatric methods are as follows: 

Balloons Gastric. Gastric balloon operation is an endoscopic non-surgical technique to reduce excess weight. A silicone bubble filled with water is placed by the doctor. The objective of this gastric balloon surgery is to reduce the food you eat every day and thus reduce the extra weight. 

Gastrointestinal sleeve. The gastric sleeve in Istanbul is one of the most popular bariatric methods. Turkey offers a sophisticated, specialized health care system and costs are affordable. During the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, the surgeon removes up to 70 percent of the total stomach volume. This method helps you reduce your stomach to a small tube, minimizes the quantity of food you consume during a meal and makes it easy for you to feel good. 

Botox of the stomach. Stomach Botox is one of the newest scientific findings in Istanbul that prevents obesity as a treatment. Botox stomach is a non-operative therapy to reduce food intake and hunger by administering Botox to the walls of the stomach that produces temporary stomach paralysis and reduces the stomach of food pushing into the intestine that creates a lengthy sense of fullness. Botox also affects the nerve, which produces hunger, by decreasing nerve signals in the brain, stimulating brain appetite and creating a feeling of fullness for the longest period. 

Why Should You Want Istanbul for Obesity Surgery?

Gastric bypass procedures are extremely expensive in western countries, for example, Europe, the UK and the Americas, where many fat individuals struggle for treatment and surgery expenses, and many individuals are regretfully reluctant to do so. Do not be desperate with these fat individuals, we suggest, since the solution to your problem is obvious. Istanbul is a world-renowned tourist town but not everything. You can discover hundreds of excellent comments once you are looking only for medical tourism in Istanbul, which will provide you excellent and impressing therapeutic services in Istanbul. In Istanbul you may discover the most competent and safe bariatric surgeons with a rate of 70% lower than in Western Europe, the United Kingdom and America that perform the specialized obesity procedure! Our website provides the finest hospitals in Istanbul

Furthermore, you should see some of the best historical sites in Istanbul, including Galata Tower, Basilica Cistern and more while you visit Istanbul for bariatric surgery. In addition, you can eat and enjoy the finest Turkish desert: Baklava in town! The visit to Istanbul is a one-time, life-long event.

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