5 Things to Do in Taksim Istanbul

5 Things to Do in Taksim Istanbul

5 Things to Do in Taksim Istanbul

5 Things to Do in Taksim Istanbul  

Walking on Istiklal Street 

If you have found Taksim, it means you have found Istiklal Street. Istiklal Street is a touristic street that stretches between Taksim Square and Tunel Square and has preserved its importance since the 19th century. If it will be good for you to see people of different nationalities and to watch buildings with extraordinary architecture, what you need to do is very simple. Just go to Istiklal Street and wander there. If you are going to take a walk on Istiklal Street, do it slowly and calmly and enjoy it. There are many options for shopping on Istiklal Street, from the most famous brands to small boutique stores. In addition to these, Istiklal Street offers rich opportunities in terms of food and beverage, with popular restaurants, dessert shops, banks, bars, taverns, bookstores, cinemas, theaters, and more. Yes, it's that easy to do something in Taksim and you won't have to pay any fees. 


Visit Pera Museum  

Pera Museum, located in a lower street of Istiklal Street, serves as one of the best spots in Istanbul to visit within the scope of culture and art. There are 3 special collections belonging to the foundation, which must be seen, and the museum also includes sections such as exhibition halls, auditorium, training room, multi-purpose exhibition halls, and cafeteria. Pera Museum, which is among the places to visit in Taksim, can be visited every day of the week between 12:00 and 18:00. The entrance fee for the visit to the Pera Museum is 20 TL. 


Çiçek Pasajı (Flower Passage) 

Located on Taksim Istiklal Street, the popular Çiçek Pasajı was established in 1876. In the place of the passage, which is one of the important structures of Istanbul, there was the Naum Theater in previous periods. However, it was completely destroyed after the Great Beyoglu Fire. It got this name because it was a passage completely decorated with flowers at the time it was built. Çiçek Pasajı covers the area of a 3-storey building. Its front side fascinates everyone with its flamboyant and magnificent architecture. Çiçek Pasaji is structurally considered among the classical examples of 19th-century Eclecticism. Serving as an active spot in Taksim in terms of nightlife and eating and drinking, Çiçek Pasajı has a fun atmosphere as well as its historical importance like Asmalı Mescit. Cicek Passage, which you can include in your list of places to visit in Taksim and spend a pleasant day, also hosts beautiful cafes, taverns, and restaurants that do not have an entrance fee as part of the nightlife


St. Anthony's Catholic Church 

Located on Taksim Istiklal Street in the Beyoğlu district and a historically important building, St. Anthony's Catholic Church is the largest Catholic church in Istanbul. The church was built in 1230 and has survived to the present day. But St. Anthony's Catholic Church encountered a great deal of damage as a result of the fires that broke out between 1639 and 1660. The church, which draws attention with its beautiful splendor today, is built with red brick stones. The church, which you should consider when preparing a travel guide, is also used for worship by being managed by Italian priests today. St. Antoine Catholic Church is open for worship today and free entry. The church, which you can include in the list of places to visit in Taksim, is an extremely important structure both in terms of history and in terms of worship tourism. 


Enjoyment in Nevizade 

It is one of the most beautiful places you can browse for food and drink. Kokorec is made and you can also make your night beautiful with delicious mussels. Especially, do not continue your trip without trying the seafood here. After having a snack, you can take your drinks and continue your enjoyment by watching the street in a nice place outside. You will enjoy it. 


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