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Health Insurance & Hospitals

Health Insurance & Hospitals

Health Insurance & Hospitals

There are two different alternatives in Istanbul for foreign nationals to benefit from health services. One of these is general health insurance provided by the state and the other is private insurance.

The private health insurance policy for foreign nationals covers the minimum guarantee structure set out in the circular on private health insurance to be made in residence permit requests dated 06.06.2014 and numbered 9.

Health Insurance For Foreign Nationals
Private health insurance is required to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. Private insurance is provided by various insurance agencies operating in the country.

Each agency may have its own specific requirements, but we have tried to provide you with the services offered by a private insurance agency as an example. These services may vary slightly depending on the agency.

What Services Are Provided By Private Insurance Agencies?
It is important to note that private insurance agents work with a monthly dues payment system. The person can benefit from the health services provided by private insurance in exchange for the dues paid.

Private health insurance coverage includes both inpatient treatment and outpatient examination coverage. People can be treated at all health institutions contracted by the insurance company either without paying treatment fees or by paying a very low amount. In health institutions that do not have the agreement of the insurance company, insurance meets a certain amount on behalf of the customer.

You can consult your agent to find out which hospitals are covered by your insurance.

Inpatient Treatment Guarantees
Inpatient treatment is a type of treatment that requires the patient to remain in the hospital for a certain period of time to be treated. Inpatient services covered by private insurance generally include the following elements::

● Hospital services (surgery, operating room, anesthesia, medicine, laboratory, radiology etc.)

● Room, bed, meals and companion expenses for the duration of hospital stay

● Cornea, kidney, pancreas, liver, heart, lung transplant

● ESWL, Gamma Knife expenses

● Diagnostic biochemistry, microbiology, pathology examinations, radiological examination and imaging during inpatient treatment

● Physical therapy after surgery

● Cardiac and vascular angiography

● Home medical care services to assist the daily life activities of the insured and to support social care

● Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis

● Medical treatments less than 24 hours such as food poisoning, plaster application, simple burn treatments (observation, observation)

● Artificial limb expenses in case of limb loss as a result of an accident or illness

● Treatments in intensive care units

● Treatments related to tooth and nose caused by a traffic accident

As mentioned earlier, these services may vary according to insurance agencies. Before purchasing your insurance service, always ask your insurance authority what the offered insurance service covers and what it does not cover.

Outpatient Services
Outpatient treatment is a type of short-term treatment that does not require the patient to be hospitalized. Outpatient services covered by private insurance include:

● Doctor's examination fees

● Diagnostic examination expenses

● Pharmaceutical expenses

● Physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses

What Cases Are Not Covered By Private Health Insurance?

Except for cases of illness and injury which are under the guarantee of private health insurance, private insurance is not covered.

● War, Revolution, uprising, internal turmoil,

● Committing a crime and attempting to commit a crime,

● Taking actions that will expose the insured to serious danger, even if he/she is in self-defense.,

● Illness and injuries caused by a suicide attempt,

● Cases such as drug use are not covered by private insurance.

How To Get Private Health Insurance?
Insurance companies operating in Turkey have agents in almost every city. These companies may be specialized in housing insurance, travel insurance, car insurance, earthquake insurance, and health insurance.

Therefore, you can obtain the necessary information from the web sites of the insurance companies that offer private health insurance and you can obtain private health insurance by visiting the insurance agents in person.

You can contact us by mail to contact the private healthcare companies working with iamistanbul on this issue.

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