Day 5, Plan your own historical districts tour, Uskudar

Day 5, Plan your own historical districts tour, Uskudar

Day 5, Plan your own historical districts tour, Uskudar

Places to visit in Istanbul: the most beautiful districts and icons of Istanbul

Where are the places to visit in Istanbul? if you're wondering, take the Conqueror first. This is one of the oldest points of Istanbul and there are many historical monuments to be seen here. Beyoğlu and Kadıköy for Istanbul nightlife, Üsküdar and Sariyer for natural places to visit in Istanbul. There is also Besiktas. Many of Istanbul's palaces are there!

Istanbul is a city that will never be fully explored... the seven hills of old, the most populous city in our country today, Istanbul welcomes travelers with another face in every neighborhood.


There is a song called”a rain on the way to Üsküdar", which is one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture in mosques, which has excellent views of Istanbul along the coast... so there is much to be done in Üsküdar!

Places To Visit In Üsküdar
● Maiden's Tower: the first place that comes to mind when it is mentioned as the symbol of Istanbul is the maiden's Tower, famous for its legends. This structure, dated to about 500 BC, according to theories, was formerly part of the coast and broke away from its location in time and turned into an islet. The maiden's Tower serves today as a restaurant. If you want to do something special in Istanbul, you can have a meal at the maiden's Tower.
● Çamlıca Hill: Çamlıca Hill is a suggestion we can give for those looking for natural places to visit in Istanbul. You can order food and drink economically in the social facilities here, with the pleasure of watching the view of Istanbul from the top.
● Fethipaşa Grove: Üsküdar, a completely aşıklar district ... if you are looking for places to visit with a lover in Istanbul, Fethipaşa Grove is ideal for both sightseeing and eating. The view in fethipasa social facilities is also great!
● Beylerbeyi Palace: 19 of the famous architect Sarkis Balyan. Beylerbeyi Palace, designed by Sultan Abdul Aziz in mid-century, was used as a guest house for foreign dignitaries as well as as a resting place for Sultans. Thursday Monday and Beylerbeyi Palace, which is open to visitors today, except 09.00-17.00 hours can be visited.
● Mihrimah Sultan Mosque complex: one of the historical places to visit on the Anatolian side is the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque complex. The Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, designed by Mimar Sinan in the name of the daughter of Suleiman The Magnificent, is one of the Ottoman monuments that can be seen in Istanbul.
● Hababam class museum: would you like to see the location used for the filming of Rifat Ilgaz's famous work, Hababam class, where everyone from seven to seventy is a fan? The Hababam classroom Museum, which is also used today as a teacher's House, is the perfect stop for those who want to breathe the atmosphere of the film.
● Tiled Mosque: 17. the tiled Mosque, which was completed in YY, is a structure that those interested in Ottoman tiles should definitely add to the Istanbul Travel Guide. Built in the name of Mahpeyker Kösem Sultan, the mosque has a modest beauty among the historical sites of Istanbul.
● Surp Garabet Armenian Church: never one day is enough for historical places to visit in Istanbul. Year 16. Surp Garabet Armenian Church, dating back to the century, was restored and opened for worship in 2006.
● Mehmet Naci Aköz Kite Museum: every child's dream is to fly kites freely! Among the places to visit in Istanbul is the Mehmet Naci Aköz Kite Museum, one of the happiest places to see.
● Kuzguncuk: a place full of old houses stretching along the coast, just on the shore of the Bosphorus in Istanbul... Kuzguncuk, one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul, is one of the places to visit at the weekend in Istanbul.

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