Children Fun Places in Istanbul

Children Fun Places in Istanbul

Children Fun Places in Istanbul

Istanbul is a big city and it contains many activities for adults that can be done, but when you visit Istanbul with your children, you will definitely ask where can I take my child to spend an enjoyable and useful time at the same time? In this article, we will review some of the most beautiful and best places where you can take your children to spend the most enjoyable times in Istanbul and spend a unique family experience.

In this article, you can find interesting activities, historical and tourist places to visit, and museums with cultural and artistic content that you can do with your children in Istanbul.


Wondera City of Games offers fun and comfort together, this city of games is located in Aqua Florya, and is the favorite place for lovers of small and large games, video games, and virtual reality games regardless of age. From Sega Games to Ice Hockey; There are various gaming themes you can find there.

The virtual reality area is one of the most exciting areas in Wondera. The venue offers a roller coaster excitement with the help of virtual reality goggles and offers its guests a different physical and visual experience.

When you visit the Aqua Florya Shopping Center, you will get an enjoyable shopping experience, in addition to the possibility for you and your children to experience a unique and distinctive gaming experience in Wondera Entertainment City.

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When you visit Isfanbul (formerly Vialand) you can participate in various activities with your children. There you will find many family entertainment activities and entertainment for children.

In Isfanbul Amusement Park, your children will enjoy with young explorers who allow children to explore the world by seeing and strolling in the most famous attractions, in addition to a small tower for children who are not afraid of heights, and a delightful farm that reflects farm life with happy chickens, a safari tunnel and Many recreational activities that enable children to spend a different and unique day in Istanbul.

Isfanbul was chosen as the eighth-best amusement park in Europe out of 800 amusement parks. Isfanbul also has a zoo on the ground floor, where you can find many different activities designed for children. Hundreds of exotic creatures such as fish, monkeys, and birds await you and your children in Jungle Istanbul, which was built on an area of ​​2500 square meters.

Isfanbul Amusement Park definitely should be on the top of the list of activities to do with your children in Istanbul.

Istanbul Toy Museum

Toy Museum was established by poet and writer Sunay Akın in 2005, and it displays the most favorite examples of toy history since the 1700s.

The museum is located in a historical mansion on the Anatolian side, and it displays the toys Sunay Akın bought from antique shops and auctions in more than 40 countries in 20 years.

In this museum, you will find many games that simulate the facts we lived in previous times, such as the space games section that simulates the efforts to reach the moon, the train games section that simulates the industrial revolution, in addition to the presence of many other unique sections. Istanbul Toy Museum, ToYcon-2012 (European Games Association and Children's Museum) is the first of its kind in Turkey and the region in general, and because of this museum, the World Toy Museums Association was established. Because of this museum, Istanbul has been called the "Toy Museums Capital". Istanbul toy museum is among the best places to visit with your children in Istanbul.

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Rahmi Koç Museum

The Rahmi Koç Museum aims to collect, preserve and exhibit industrial and engineering objects from all periods from the past to the present.

your children can learn by having fun in the museum, where there are collections such as the Atatürk section, the highway and railway section, scientific instruments, models, and toys.

Special birthday celebrations can be held for children on the Nostalgic Fenerbahçe Ferry, which continues to live in the Rahmi Koç Museum's unique atmosphere.

The Rahmi Koç Museum, which ranks first among the museums you visit with children in Istanbul, is one of the best museums in which to spend an unforgettable day for your children.


Located in the Sütlüce district of the Golden Horn, Miniatürk features 134 architectural works selected from Turkish history, scaled down by 1/25. In this way, children can see the Seljuk, Ottoman, and Republic period structures together. Miniatürk, which started with the slogan "A Small Model of the Big Country", is actually an open-air museum of 15,000 square meters.  The complex includes a car park, restaurant, cafeteria, gift shop, children's playground, sightseeing train, fairy tale tree, chessboard, and labyrinth. In Miniatürk, there is everything for visitors to have a good time and to learn while having fun has been considered. Going on a journey between times and places, visitors also get the opportunity to see the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, which dates back 2500 years and is considered one of the world's seven wonders.

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