Why Visiting Nusret Steakhouse During Istanbul Visit

Why Visiting Nusret Steakhouse During Istanbul Visit

Why Visiting Nusret Steakhouse During Istanbul Visit

Why Visiting Nusret Steakhouse During Istanbul Visit

Istanbul is not only about historical places, but also about amazing food. Nusret in Istanbul has a reputation for itself. It's an amazing restaurant with best quality. The first Nusr-Et Steakhouse opened its doors in 2010, and it is currently part of a network of 16 restaurants. It has established itself as the destination of choice for the serious gourmet with its boutique concept, casual environment, large selection of meat cuts, and a bit of swagger. The menu features local kofta meatballs with New York-style lamb and massive Dallas steaks, thanks to Turkish butcher and chef Nusret Gökçe – aka internet meme sensation Salt Bae. Every eating experience is infused with theatre, with visual, auditory, and oral senses all being engaged. 

Why should you go to Nusret in Istanbul? 

Nusr-Et is familiar with the Turkish steakhouse tradition of delicious cuisine and good times. Nusr-famous et's characteristic gesture, "the Salt Bae," should have caught your attention, but the actual reason for the restaurant's name is the fresh, well-prepared steaks. You'll like the welcoming environment, and dining at Nusr-Et puts you in in the middle of Istanbul's steakhouse culture. This restaurant is located in Istanbul's Besiktas neighborhood and serves the most exquisite Turkish kebabs to tourists. It is, of course, in the same city where Nusret was founded, and two other locations have just opened in Istanbul.

Nusret has amazing service quality with top notch meat. You can have your meat any way you like, and the professional chefs will sure prepare your meal as you imagine it. Nusret Steakhouse in Istanbul is an amazing place to eat the best steak in Istanbul. It is perhaps the best steakhouse in Istanbul! 

History of Nusret

Nusret Gökçe was a bad cook who began his career as a waitress at a number of Turkish restaurants. He also attempted numerous times during his life to put a trainee in Argentina, but he failed each time until a particular notion came to him that we all know about! He was exclusively responsible for cleaning dishes at Turkish restaurants until 2007, when he was hired by an Istanbul-based restaurant chain. His ability to slice huge cuts of meat led to a deal with another brand for a Miami restaurant, where he swiftly rose through the ranks. 

After working as a trainee since he was a youngster, he eventually launched the first branch of his own Nusret restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey's most beautiful city, in 2011. Then he posted a video on his YouTube page showing how to chop kebabs and spice ribs, which quickly gained him a large following on Instagram. His restaurant is now one of Istanbul's most popular tourist destinations, and Turkish residents have known him as Salt Bae. 

Price of Nusret in Istanbul 

Appetizers cost approximately 70 TL on the Nusret Istanbul menu, while main meals cost around 160 TL. A supper with alcohol for two individuals will cost about 700 TL on average. It is famed for its "Lokum," which translates to "Turkish Delight" but may also refer to "soft stuff." For 180 TL, you can have a mouth-watering soft steak. Also popular is the "Rack of Lamb," which costs 450 TL for two people. For 33 TL per person, you can get "Carrot Slice" as a dessert for everyone at the table. The Nusr-et Restaurant in Istanbul is a touch on the expensive side, but many customers think it's worth it. 

Nusret Restaurant Quality

Nusr-et has a reputation for excellence. It is well-known in Istanbul. It's one of Istanbul's top ten restaurants, and people come not just for the cuisine but also to see the Salt Bae himself, who has a fascinating tale to tell and enjoys chatting. In Istanbul, it is a favorite of celebrities and high society. Nusr-et is definitely the greatest steakhouse in Istanbul, thanks to its high-quality beef and one-of-a-kind service.

Istanbul has many historical places and other opportunities like Investment, shopping and more. Explore all through Iamistanbul today!

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