Why Istanbul Is the Best Place to Get Fertility Treatment?

Why Istanbul Is the Best Place to Get Fertility Treatment?

Why Istanbul Is the Best Place to Get Fertility Treatment?

Why Istanbul Is the Best Place to Get Fertility Treatment? 

In vitro fertilization or microinjection (IVF/ICSI) is a reproductive treatment in which sperm and eggs are combined in a laboratory environment and then sent to a female's uterus to change and produce a baby. During IVF in Istanbul, eggs are extracted from the woman's ovaries and fertilized in a laboratory with sperm. The fertilized eggs, called as embryos, are subsequently returned to the woman's womb to grow and develop. 

If IVF results in ovulation or poor ovulation, clogged channels, endometriosis, or even a decrease in sperm count or motility, your spouse may be able to assist you in becoming pregnant. If everything seems to be in order and all other basic treatments have failed, IVF treatment may still be a viable option. "Unknown infertility" is the term for this kind of infertility. 

Fertiltiy Treatment in Istanbul

In light of the high expenses of care for infertility treatments in Europe and North America, IVF searches in Turkey are also cost-effective. IVF in Turkey is a cost-effective choice for many families. Turkey's facilities, which include a large number of state-of-the-art clinics and seasoned and well educated fertility specialists, provide tempting alternatives for becoming parents. The cost of IVF varies depending on the fertility clinic in Istanbul. IVF treatment in Turkey costs between €1,700 and €2,200. However, the price is considerably lower than in Europe or the United States. The cost is one of the reasons why individuals in Istanbul have decided to pursue fertility treatment in the future. 

Every six months, the Turkish Ministry of Health conducts legal audits of IVF facilities. You have complete control over your premises, personnel, physical environment, and records. The clinic license of any clinic that does not follow the rules and rules is revoked by the Ministry of Health. Both Turkish fertility clinics provide up all patient files, data, and findings to the Ministry of Health on a daily basis. 

Now, let's have a look at some of the finest Istanbul hospitals for IVF treatment! 

LIV Hospital for Fertility Treatment

The Liv IVF facility in Istanbul has one of the fastest IVF rates in the world. According to Liv, 30 percent of women over the age of 40 get pregnant. 

The Liv Hospital in Istanbul is home to a leading IVF breeder. Dr. Deniz Gökalp Kaya has been doing IVF for 15 years. The doctor is a member of the Turkish Society of Reproductive Health and Infertility's Society of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery (TSRM). She collaborates with top specialists and continues to push the boundaries of IVF innovation. 

Atasehir Medicana Hospital 

According to the Turkish term for insemination, Medicana symbolizes the greatest level of IVF. According to the hospital's members, 57 percent of women become pregnant within three months on average, depending on the number of IVF cycles. Following IVF, 72 percent of women get pregnant in six months, more than 85 percent in a year, and 93 percent in two years. 

According to success rates for women 35 and above, Medicana is the safest IVF facility in Istanbul. In the hospital, IVF may be done on women of any age. The fertility success rate in Istanbul is 60% for women under 30 years old, 55-60% for women over 40 years old, and 40% for women over 40 years old. 

Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey

Anadolu has a pregnancy rate of 64% for women under the age of 30. This score is greater than the total IVF success rate in the United States, which is above 45 percent, according to Pregnancy, the American edition on women's welfare, fertility, and birthing practices. 

The Anadolu IVF Center is well-known well beyond Turkey's borders. Anadolu is a partner of Johns Hopkins Medical Center, one of the world's most prestigious medical institutions. This connection leads to high levels of infection control, IVF success, and patient satisfaction. 

Aside from these facilities, while visiting Istanbul, be sure to visit significant sites such as Maiden Tower, where you can enjoy a hot tea, or Kadikoy, where you can explore the ancient city. Visit Istanbul for more than just treatment; plan a cultural vacation spot!

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