What is Work Permit?

In order to be able to work in Turkey, foreign nationals must obtain a permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security or other relevant institutions giving them the right to work and residence.

What is a work permit?
Foreign nationals who work without a work permit or exemption certificate and their employers are subject to administrative fines and a permanent entry ban. Foreigners in Turkey are required to obtain a work permit or exemption certificate.

Where to apply for a work permit?
Foreign citizens who wish to obtain a work permit in Turkey is the Ministry of labor and Social Security, are citizens or legally in their country can apply to the Turkish embassy or consulate abroad.

Foreigners or their employers who have received a residence permit for at least 6 months in order to study in Turkey and have not yet completed 6 months can apply directly to the Ministry.

For foreigners working in areas that are or may be subject to human trafficking, their residence for six months is not taken into account and they are required to obtain permission from our foreign representative offices every time.

Foreigners who have come to Turkey with tourist visas or other visas that do not have a working purpose, or with the Visa Exemption Program and visa facilities between Turkey and the other country and who do not have a residence permit cannot apply for a work permit at home. Applications can also be made by the authorized intermediary institution.

Foreigners who have a work permit may apply for an extension after 60 days before their work permit expires and in any case before the work permit expires. Applications for extensions made after these periods have expired are not accepted.

In case of missing information or documents in applications, a period of up to 30 days can be given. This period can only be extended if it is certified by an official authority where there is a force mature. If the deficiencies are not completed within the extension period, the application is rejected. If the application for permission is duly made, it is completed within 30 days if there is no deficiency in the information and documents.

What is pre-permission?
Foreigners who wish to work in health and education services that require professional qualification must first obtain pre-permission for the evaluation of their permit applications. The institutions authorized to issue pre-permits are the Ministry of Health for health services and the Ministry of Education for education services. The work permit of the foreign lecturers to work in accordance with the law of higher education is granted by the Ministry in accordance with the preliminary permission to be obtained by the Council of higher education in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Extension applications of foreigners wishing to extend their work permit are subject to prior permission of the relevant ministry or Higher Education Council.

The Ministry of Science, Foreign Affairs, Industry and technology must provide positive feedback on R &D personnel and companies, R&D center certificate in order to obtain permission for foreigners to work. Otherwise it is not allowed.

What are the criteria for permit evaluation?
1-At least 5 Citizens of the Republic of Turkey must work at the workplace where a foreign citizen will work. If work permits are to be obtained for more than one foreigner working in the same workplace, it is essential that 5 Citizens of the Republic of Turkey are employed for each 1 foreigner.

2-If the foreigner requesting permission is a partner of the company, the five-person employment requirement is sought for the last six months of a one-year leave to be granted by the Ministry.

3-The paid-up capital of the workplace must be at least TL 100,000 or its gross sales must be at least TL 800,000 or its last year export amount must be at least USD 250,000.

4-The share of the foreign company partner requesting permission must be at least 20%, not less than 40.000 TL.

5-The amount of monthly wages to be paid by the employer to the foreign national must be in accordance with the duty and nature of the foreigner. According to this, some wage prices have been determined according to professional groups and job positions based on the minimum wage.

6-At least 4-star tourism enterprises and resorts with a certified Ministry of culture and tourism, if there is a massage salon within the structure of the masseur, masseuse and spa therapist, such as the needs of specialized business areas are evaluated. The demands of businesses that are not in this context are not accepted.

7-If the entertainment sector and tourism, Animation, organization companies employ 10 citizens of the Republic of Turkey, there is no requirement that 5 Citizens of the Republic of Turkey be employed for each foreigner separately.

Finding and working in Turkey for foreigners
In the last 10 years, the labor laws of foreigners in Turkey have improved in a good way. In earlier years, many foreigners were working in the country illegally; they had no health insurance, were working overtime, and their salaries were not paid. Foreigners who want to live and work in Turkey now have much more opportunities thanks to the laws developed.

The Department of Labor and Social Security has approved 104,915 work permits in the past two years. Most applications were made in Istanbul, Turkey's most important and populous city.

Jobs That Foreigners Can Do In Turkey
Foreigners have the right to work in many business sectors in Turkey, with a few exceptions. They are prohibited from working in sectors such as safety, maritime, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy. They also cannot work in notaries and legal affairs.

Some foreigners want to be tour guides using their native language. This job requires several years of training. Seasonal jobs such as travel consulting or animating in hotels are suitable for foreigners. Foreigners with TESOL qualification certificates can become teachers in private institutions. In addition, some foreigners may also work in international companies.

Work Permits For Foreigners
The employee and employer can apply for a work permit. After completing all the necessary application forms and collecting the necessary documents, the employer sends them to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Those living abroad can apply to consulates in their own country. At least 5 T. of the workplace applying for a work permit citizen is required to run.

They can start work once their work permit application is approved. It is the employer's responsibility to regulate social security and tax payments. The work permit is private to the institution. As soon as the foreign employee leaves the job, the work permit is cancelled. (Click here for more information about work permits.)

Turkey Noble Work Permits for Foreigners in Turkey
In Turkish law, the category of "special status/privileged foreigners" was formed. Turkish Noble foreigners rights to work freely in Turkey are regulated by the law on the free occupation and Arts of Turkish Noble foreigners and their employment in public, private or business establishments. According to these laws, they can work in public institutions, private institutions and workplaces except the Turkish Armed Forces and Security Organization. Turkish Noble foreigners, if they obtain a work permit, can do their jobs such as magistrate, prosecutor's office and civil servant in foreign affairs.

Turkish Noble foreigners working in Turkey have the same rights as Turkish citizens working in the same jobs in terms of working conditions and Social Security.

Independent Work Permits
In order to apply for an independent work permit, you must be legally and continuously resident in Turkey for at least 5 years. In order for the application to be approved, it is necessary to present a business plan, demonstrate entrepreneurial character and demonstrate how to benefit the Turkish economy.

Alternatively, in 2017, an amendment to the International Labor Law introduced the turquoise system for heavily skilled workers. (Click here for more information about turquoise system.)

Note: there are many exceptions to the laws concerning work permits for foreigners in Turkey and these laws are constantly updated. Therefore, you should always check up-to-date information from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. It should also be noted that those who work illegally will be punished and, in some cases, deported.

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