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ATÖLYE is a 21st-century creative services company that embeds an award-winning Strategic Design Studio within a vibrant Creative Hub.

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ATÖLYE is a 21st-century creative services company that embeds an award-winning Strategic Design Studio within a vibrant Creative Hub.

We believe that we are exploring a novel territory. As a transdisciplinary innovation platform, we are not only a creative hub with a real estate business at its core, nor a design consultancy focusing on client work.

In our case, the Hub and the Studio form an indispensable, symbiotic whole.

ATÖLYE is an academic spin-off project with ties to Stanford and NYU Tisch ITP.  

While the former institution provides a design thinking and social impact mindset, the latter offers digital-physical prototyping know-how and a critical maker approach. 

Over the last four years, we have traversed through an interesting journey which taught us: ‘Build Community, Space Will Come.’

Situated at the core of our practice, our strategic design studio consists of 30 strategists and designers geared towards tackling innovation on multiple scales. 

With a clear intent on transdisciplinarity, we love addressing wicked problems that deal with conflicting paradigms, stakeholder complexity and emergent processes.

As of 2019, ATÖLYE is also a member of the kyu Collective, which comprises strategically curated creative businesses that seek to be a source of creativity, propelling economies and societies forward. 

Other companies within the kyu Collective include the iconic global design firm IDEO, the transformation consultancy SYPartners, the multi-disciplinary creative brand-building agency Sid Lee, the behavioral economics company BEWorks, and the data-driven media services provider Kepler.

In our approach, we combine strategy with design at three different levels: organizations, product-service-systems and platforms. We first engage with organizations at a strategic level, discovering challenges, mapping opportunities and envisioning a jointly desirable future. We then guide them through their organizational transformation journey, or develop new product service systems.   We are fluent with scales and enjoy working across digital, product or architectural design, all of which form holistic human experiences. We also thrive on developing new platforms that combine all of the above.

For all projects, we take great care in diligent impact assessment to become a learning organization. We also emphasize strategic communication to contribute to a learning society.





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