Advanced Technologies In Eye Surgery

Advanced Technologies In Eye Surgery

Advanced Technologies In Eye Surgery

Having laser eye surgery is considered elective in nature and no longer a risky operation for the general health, therefore most insurance providers do not cover its cost by health insurance. In recent years, many people from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East have chosen to have their eye surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, in order to mix fun and exciting holiday and get their eye treatment in low costs and highest service levels. The leading eye hospitals and clinics in Istanbul use modern and advanced equipment and technologies and offer their patients the best care service at EU standards. Many studies showed that among 2200 patients who got their LASIK treatment, around 96% of them showed a high satisfaction rate with their results and vision. Laser eye surgery (Lasik)is one of the most followed eye treatments, laser is common methods of refractive surgery, the word “Lasik” is an abbreviation for the name of the surgery in which the curvature of the cornea is corrected using a laser. The doctor makes an incision in the outer layer of the cornea, allowing him access to the tissues beneath it, the doctor uses a laser to reshape these tissues so that they can focus the light correctly, and then he closes the incision. And the results are the vision gets better and smoother and the normal focusing potential is reached.

For those who considering Lasik laser eye surgery in Istanbul, Turkey will be pleased to know that, according to a survey conducted by health minister, 9 out of 10 individuals do not need to use their contact lenses or eyeglasses after this vision correction treatment in Turkey. That is mostly because of the highly advanced LASIK techniques that is applied by many hospitals and clinics in Istanbul.


The prices of LASIK eye surgery in Istanbul are considerably much lower when it is compared with the USA, Canada, The UK, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, the rest of Western Europe and Western Asia. But keep in mind that these low prices are not only for LASIK surgery. Many patients around the world come to Istanbul to get many different eye treatments and save a lot of money. Many eye treatment departments can perform many other eye treatments too such as; Presby LASIK surgery, wavefront technique, excimer laser technique, femtosecond laser, and cataract surgery in lower prices when compared with the USA and Europe.


Many people concern at first why Lasik eye surgery in Istanbul is very cheap while it costs a fortune in their countries. Well, the answer to that is simple, the cost of living in Istanbul is lower than it is in their countries and the health sector is being supported by the government, therefore many hospitals and clinics can offer patients great and competitive prices all the time without sacrificing the quality. Having LASIK in Istanbul, Turkey does not mean experiencing contact difficulties because English and Arabic speaker employees are working in clinics that cater to medical tourists. Also, many clinics and hospitals offer a full treatment trip package to foreigners that might visit Istanbul for the first time. This package includes transfers and accommodation and the treatment cost to make everything hassle-free for patients. And, we can confidently say Istanbul provides European standards of medical services!

Getting eye surgeries like LASIK, Laser, and corneal transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey offers visitors an opportunity to experience the lovely sights and sounds of the region that prides itself on being the center of civilization and culture.

Istanbul provides lively, street markets and Pazars, the luxury of a spa at a Turkish hammam, scrumptious meals, and lots of historical places.

So, if you are planning to visit Istanbul soon to get eye treatment, leave your glasses behind and enjoy your advanced treatment and the beauty of Istanbul!

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