Why Choosing Istanbul For Hair Transplant Surgery

Why Choosing Istanbul For Hair Transplant Surgery

Why Choosing Istanbul For Hair Transplant Surgery

When you walk in any street of Istanbul you can easily see men with red dots on their heads almost everywhere around you! Those men have had recently a Hair Transplantation surgery for sure. They are on the way to getting rid of the baldness problem for good.

Latest researches and surveys indicated that every year more than 4 million hair transplantation surgery is being done worldwide, and Istanbul has a major share of this market as it became a world-famous destination for medical tourism and tourists who come not only for hair transplant operations but also for so many other aesthetic surgery and dental treatments too.

Thanks to the modern hair transplant procedures and techniques that are being applied in Istanbul Hair Transplant clinics and hospitals, pattern hair loss is no longer a problem for Both men and women who are experiencing baldness or thinning hair. Now they can restore their hair back again and their appearance by doing a single simple procedure.

In the past 10 years, Istanbul became the trend location of Hair Transplant in western European countries, The UK, Canada, and the USA.

Why People Choose Istanbul For Hair Transplant?

Every year more than 250k people come to Istanbul from all over the world to restore their hair and end their baldness problem. The reason for that is because Istanbul got the best and the most experienced Hair Transplant surgeons in the world, the most advanced hair transplant techniques, and the best hospitals and clinics too. When you do hair restoration surgery in Istanbul you can be 100% sure that you are doing it in the right place.

Many people wonder, what is the best hair transplant technique for me? Well, the answer is simple! All hair transplant techniques are just fine, but your hair condition and your baldness pattern define the best technique to be done for your condition. Keep in mind this decision only can be determined after consulting your doctor.

In Istanbul, there are main and most advanced hair transplant techniques that most advanced clinics and hospitals are applying.

The Most Innovative Hair Transplant Techniques at Istanbul most advanced clinics and hospitals are:

Istanbul’s most advanced hair transplant clinics and hospitals offer many different hair transplant techniques and methods, but the main and most efficient methods are the FUE technique (Follicular unit extraction) and DHI (Choi Pen) hair transplant. Here’s how both are performed.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair transplant technique is the famous technique in the Hair Transplant sector, it is considered as the most effective method and its results are very convenient (97% success rate) and the time of the operation is not too long when compared with other treatment methods and it can be done “most of the time” by one session of treatment.

The operation of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is done by specialized hair transplant surgeon and his/her medical team, which it starts by extracting hair follicles from a donor area (usually the donor area is the back and the two side of the head) using a micromotor tool with special blades. When the collecting of the grafts is finished, they will put them into a special liquid to preserve them from getting harm or dying, until they are ready to be implanted into the recipient area. Then, the surgeon with the medical team will prepare the recipient area for graft implantation by opening microchannels using an FUE special tool that makes tiny incisions on the scalp. In the last step, the surgeon will implant the grafts in their new position then the operation finishes, and you can go home to rest.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant technique (Direct Hair Implantation or CHOI Pen) is the second most famous hair transplant technique in the hair transplant sector. It is very similar to the FUE technique and performed almost the same but with fewer steps and less time. It has a very high success rate, and its results are very natural.

After collecting the hair grafts and keeping them in the special liquid with adenosine triphosphate, the surgeon will open the microchannels and implant the grafts at the same time (one step-two tasks) by using a special DHI tool that looks like a pen (that’s why they call it Choi pen technique). This method got another advantage above FUE, since there is no need for making incisions for implanting the grafts, the recovery period after the surgery is very short.

As a result, no matter which technique you or your Hair transplant surgeon choose, you will see a great result in a short period as long as you follow your doctor’s instruction very well after the surgery and taking proper care of your scalp and transplanted hair.

Top 8 Reasons To Choose Istanbul Hair Transplant Surgery

1- Istanbul Hair Transplant surgery is very affordable without sacrificing the service quality compared to Europe and the USA.

2- Most Advanced Hair Transplant Techniques are being applied in Istanbul due to the experience of Hair Transplant Doctors.

3- High-quality and VIP medical service

4- All-inclusive packages and customized packages for your convenience

5- Istanbul got the best Hair Transplant surgeons with many years and thousands of patient experience

6- There Is nothing called a 'Waiting list' in Istanbul, Just Book and fly with a few simple clicks!

7- You can have a great vacation while having your hair transplant considering Istanbul provides many magnificent places to visit such as Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and many more.

8- Istanbul is a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction and hospitality.

What Should You Expect After The Hair Transplant Surgery?

You can expect your natural hair to start growing in about three months, but the final result of a hair transplant will be visible in about a year after the surgery. The best part is the fact that the results are permanent because hair transplantation stimulates natural hair growth.

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