Plastic Surgery Procedures in Istanbul

Plastic Surgery Procedures in Istanbul

Plastic Surgery Procedures in Istanbul

Plastic Surgery Procedures in Istanbul

Since a few years, cosmetic, aesthetic, and plastic surgery has been one of the most popular treatments all over the globe. People go to these clinics for rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, face-nose-chin-body-hip aesthetics, dermatology, and gynecological procedures to improve their self-esteem, confidence, and physical attractiveness. 

If you think you'll need cosmetic or aesthetic surgery soon, make an appointment with one of Istanbul's best cosmetic and aesthetic clinics, as well as plastic and reconstructive surgeons, and enjoy your new appearance in a cost-effective and attractive manner. 

Now, let's look at some of the best aesthetic hospitals in Istanbul.

Estetik International in Istanbul

Estetik International has grown to become one of the top quality aesthetics & plastic surgery bases in the region since its founding in 1999 by world renowned surgeon Dr. Bülent Cihantimur. Estetik International's latest investment is the 3000 m2 state-of-the-art smart clinic located at the famous Quasar Tower in the heart of European Istanbul. 

Estetik International's goal is to establish new standards in creative and ever-improving institutions by providing dependable, patient-centered treatment and service, ongoing education for both medical and administrative personnel, and greatest regard for patient rights. Estetik International is at the forefront of the region's business because to its reputation for clinical quality and a continual program of technology and facility expansion. In Istanbul, Ankara, Zmir, and Bursa, Estetik International operates six clinics. On a 3000m2 space split onto three levels, the new flagship clinic at Quasar Tower in Istanbul comprises of three surgery theatres, two dental rooms, five hair restoration units, ten inpatient rooms, and six general application rooms. 

Medicana Health Group

The Medicana International Istanbul has a 30,000 m2 interior space. It consists of two interconnected departments: inpatient and outpatient floors. Our hospital was designed with the capacity and technological characteristics necessary to serve patients from Istanbul, the Thrace Region, and Europe. 

Our hospital has 115 beds in 1 CIP, 5VIP, and 109 ordinary patient rooms, providing any and all kinds of infrastructure and comfort needed by contemporary hospital business and hotel management services. It has 14 General Intensive Care beds, 13 Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care beds, 7 Coronary Intensive Care beds, and 8 Newborn Intensive Care patient beds, as well as 7 emergency, 9 angiographies, 3 endoscopic observation beds, and 8 operating rooms, in addition to patient rooms. 

Derindere Hospital

Derindere Hospital provides international-quality services using cutting-edge technology, demonstrating the Derindere Group's commitment to the healthcare industry while protecting patient rights and adhering to medical ethics standards. Derindere Hospital, located near Istanbul's heartland of Maslak, Levent, and Mecidiyekoy, as well as the fast-growing Kagithane County, has been providing world-class services and is recognized as "the region's largest and fully equipped private healthcare institution" since 2015, with the goal of making a difference in the healthcare sector with its patient-oriented perspective. 

Derindere Hospital provides services in 5 operating rooms equipped for all types of surgeries, third level adult and newborn intensive care units with 42-bed capacity, and has a total bed capacity of 75, 22 of which are suits, with the goal of bringing a new dimension to the healthcare sector with its advanced diagnosis and treatment units in main specialties, modern facilities, and digital hospital model using contemporary medical technology.

Istanbul is not only famous for its healthcare but also for its amazing life style, beautiful historical places and the all around the world iconic Bosphorus. Discover all with Iamistanbul today.

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