Olivium Outlet Center

The Olivium Outlet Shopping Centre opened its doors to visitors on 1 April 2000, and was for a long time the first and only outlet center in Istanbul.

Outlets +90 212 547 74 53 Prof. Dr. Muammer Aksoy Cad. No: 30 Zeytinburnu / İstanbul
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The Olivium Outlet Shopping Centre opened its doors to visitors on 1 April 2000, and was for a long time the first and only outlet center in Istanbul. Since its opening, it has been offering fashionable brands and quality at an affordable price.

Appealing not only to Zeytinburnu but to the entire city for 20 years with its concept of continuing as a true outlet center, Olivium Outlet now promises its visitors a much more modern, simple, spacious and brighter environment with its renewed spaces. Accommodating 132 stores selling domestic and foreign brands, Olivium Outlet offers customers an affordable shopping experience seven days a week between 10:00 and 22:00 in a clean, safe and spacious environment. Offering entertainment options that appeal to all ages, it is not just a buzzing hub but it radiates its jovial atmosphere of sociability and conviviality all around.

The product of a partnership between “Emintaş Emlak ve İnşaat Tic. A.Ş” and “İleri Mensucat ve İnşaat Tic. T.A.Ş”, Olivium Outlet Center occupies a 35, 000 square meter land space incorporating shops selling fashionable domestic and foreign brands; an indoor and outdoor parking lot with enough space for 800 vehicles; a cinema, bowling hall, go-kart racing platform, children’s entertainment park, and gourmet shops. All combine together beautifully to offer visitors a comfortable and affordable shopping experience. Olivium Outlet once again amazes its visitors with its game-changing vision: Shoppers continue to enjoy our “Tuesday Market”, which is open on one day of the week, to purchase exclusive brands at mainstream prices. The shopping mall, which is visited on weekdays by an average of 25,000 people and on weekends by 40,000 people as well as foreign tourists, attaches great importance to environmental values and nature, in a way that does justice to its name “Olivium”, which means olive grove. Appealing to visitors with its wide range of brands, Olivium now has a new look with its renovated interiors, its wide atrium letting in the sun; its square meeting place, its modern landscaping and lighting.

Rising in popularity due to a loyal customer base, Olivium Outlet is committed to engaging with its visitors regularly through appropriate and convenient means of communication, keeping them up to speed about the goings-on at the Olivium community through a dedicated webpage, and a Facebook and Twitter group with more than 32,000 members.

Since 2000, Olivium Outlet has been progressing forward on a pathway of steady growth with new goals and objectives, a path it embarked on with the support of its customers, whom it continues to please with its innovative approaches and spectacular events and activities.





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