Formula 2021 in Istanbul

Formula 2022 in Istanbul

Apart from its historical spots, Istanbul hosts many sport events. The Turkish Grand Prix will replace the Canadian Grand Prix for the weekend of June 11 to 13. Formula One has announced a transition to round 8 of October 2022 schedule, with the Turkish Grand Prix replacing the Canadian Grand Prix for the weekend of June 11 to 13. Due to existing international travel restrictions in Canada, Formula 1 was unable to reach the country without first completing a mandatory 14-day quarantine, necessitating the move. “We are thankful for the promoter's and authorities' work in Canada, Quebec, and Montreal over the last few weeks to make the race possible, and we are delighted to announce a two-year extension to our relationship with the Canadian Grand Prix,” Formula 1 said in a statement.

Formula 1 will collaborate with the promoter to ensure that those who purchased tickets for the 2021 and 2022 races are given the option of receiving a refund or transferring their tickets to the next year's event, with the hope of competing in 2023. After an exciting first occurrence in Istanbul in nine years last November, in which Lewis Hamilton was crowned world champion for a record-equaling seventh time, Turkey returns to the calendar.

What is Formula 1?

Formula One (also spelled F1) is the highest level of international motor racing for single-seater formula racing cars approved by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) (FIA). Since its inception in 1950, the World Drivers' Championship, which evolved into the FIA Formula One World Championship in 1981, has become one of the most prestigious forms of racing in the world. The term "formula" in the name refers to the collection of laws that must be followed by all participants' vehicles. 1st A Formula One season consists of a series of races known as Grands Prix (French for "big prizes") that take place on purpose-built circuits and closed public roads around the world.

Will Formula 1 Held in 2022?

This season, the Formula 1 group will fly with the same stringent safety measures that enable them to travel safely to 12 countries in 2020. With over 78,000 COVID-19 experiments performed last season and just 78 positive findings (a rate of 0.1 percent), the interventions have proved to be highly successful. About 12,000 checks have been performed so far this season, with 14 positive cases, a rate of 0.1 percent.

Formula One 2022

The 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship is a road racing championship for Formula One cars, and it will be the 73nd edition of the championship. It is recognized as the highest level of competition for open-wheel race cars by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the governing body of international motorsport. The championship is split into twenty-three Grands Prix that will take place all over the world. The World Drivers' and World Constructors' Championships will be held, with drivers and teams competing for the titles of World Drivers' and World Constructors' Champion, respectively. The reigning World Drivers' and World Constructors' Champions are Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

Explore Formula 1 in Istanbul!

On Oct 08, 2022, the Formula 1 race will be held in Istanbul! Apart from being a city of history, Istanbul's historical spots are not the only thing that is keeping the city alive. There are lots of entertainment in Istanbul with museums, exhibitions, art shows, fashion shows and sport events such as Champions League Finale and Formula One! The race will be held in Turkish Grand Prix, an amazing race area. The prix is at Istanbul Park. While you are there, you should definitely explore Istanbul Park too!

The Turkish Grand Prix will return in 2022 after making an impressive return to the Formula One calendar last year. Official Ticket Packages at Istanbul Park include grandstand seats or luxury seating, as well as behind-the-scenes events that will get you closer to Formula 1! Also, when you are in the city, explore Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace, too!

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