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Concerts you can listen live over the internet

Concerts you can listen live over the internet

We are at a time when we should stay at home whenever possible. In this period, we turned to find efforts to spend time and improve ourselves. After all, we all have many books waiting to be read at home, a list of movies that we want to watch, and hobbies that he could not turn to because he could not find time. Here we can take these books, movies and hobbies off the shelves during this social isolation period. Of course, in this period, many organizations and artists carried their concerts to our homes so that we could not miss the activities we did outside. Thanks to the Internet, we can reach many concerts with just one click.

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra


Within the scope of the measures taken due to coronavirus in Germany, until 19 April, culture and art activities that hosted more than 500 participants together were canceled. As a result of this decision, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra concerts were also canceled. As such, the board of the orchestra shared with the music lovers that their concerts will continue through the digital concert hall. Thus, those who will not be able to watch this concert by going to Berlin will be able to enjoy the music of the orchestra. You can listen to their concerts on the orchestra site by clicking here. When you enter the code "BERLINPHIL" on the ticket page, you can listen to the concert for free.

Metropolitan Opera


Like the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Metropolitan Opera, located in New York, brings morale to all of us during the social isolation period by moving it to the virtual environment. While it is closed, it opens its award-winning operas to its audience all over the world. HD version of a different opera is uploaded to the websites every evening and can be watched over the next 20 hours. You can join opera lovers not only via the website, but also by downloading the applications of the Metropolitan Opera.

Gülsin Onay


When our world-famous pianist Gülsin Onay's 11 concerts in 3 countries were canceled, she decided to broadcast her concerts live on Twitter. The concert, which started with Chopin Andante Sipanato et Grande Polonaise, which is on a concert plan in Poland, lasted approximately 21 minutes and was listened to by approximately 800 thousand people in 24 hours. Gülsin Onay also stated that he will repeat this live concert every Sunday. You can follow the developments on your Twitter account by clicking here.

Haluk Levent


Haluk Levent leads the way in signing works that make us all happy with AHBAP. He organized a live concert on Twitter to avoid getting bored at home during the social isolation period. His concert on March 15 was watched by almost 1 million people. He said that after the concert, it would be natural to have technical problems in terms of sound and image, and he promised that he will give a technically better concert soon. Then let us all follow Haluk Levent's Twitter account.




Yalın is one of our artists who gives concerts through his social media account. Stating that his dream is to meet and sing songs in concert halls as usual, Yalın announced that he will give a live concert on Instagram to give his audience morale. We all listened as the enchanted Lean songs we love very much. Upon this, the artist said that he would continue his concerts. If you don't follow Lean on Instagram, you're missing a lot. Then don't be sad, click here now.

Cem Adrian

Cem Adrian, who we love so much, is one of those who did not deprive us of music during this period of social isolation. Adrian announced on Twitter that we all need to hear good things during this challenging period and announced that live concerts will begin soon. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel of the artist who will broadcast the concerts from his YouTube account here.

#TogetherAtHome concerts


The World Health Organization and Global Citizen came together and encouraged #TogetherAtHome concerts for anyone who had to stay at home because of the coronavirus. Names such as Keith Urban, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, John Legend broadcast live from their homes for these concerts. World-renowned artists, singing songs on Instagram, drew attention to the importance of staying at home. These online concerts will continue with different artists. I suggest you stay on track.

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